Prevent blocked and rusted gutters, and siphon more water to your rainwater tank with Australia's own Tornado Rainhead, the ultimate in environmentally-friendly gutter cleaning tools. The Tornado's patented vortex system is a 'fit and forget' device that flushes gutters 5 times faster than the average rainhead (with a certified 19.12 litre per second flow rate), which means more water in your rainwater tank through reduced gutter overflow.

With an innovative design that gets water flowing in a fast, spiral motion that drains fast and effectively, the Tornado:

Comes in a range of sizes, for residential or commercial application
Can be easily painted to match to your existing decor
Stops blocked and rusted guttering, flooded eaves and ceilings
Improves the rate and quality and rate of your rain water harvest
Is self-cleaning, easy to install and requires virtually no maintenance
Manufactured using Tomorrow's Technology Today
Unique vortex action flushes gutter at over 5 times the rate of a conventional rainhead
Winner of Rainwater Harvesting Product 2008
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No:1 Rainhead in Australia
Stops gutters overflowing  -  No Maintenance  -   Easy to install   -   No rust corrosion   -   Reduces fire risk   -   Fills rainwater tanks fast     
Inline DIY Instructions
Vortex Action
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